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Server Count range: 0-0 What's this?
SAN Count range: 0-249 Price per SAN: $3,076.00 What's this?
SAN Count range: 0-0 Price per SAN: $0.00 What's this?
Target Count range: 0-0 Price per Target: $0.00 What's this?
Total: $3,422.00
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SiteLock Basic

SiteLock Basic Logo
Ideal for budget-conscious websites looking for basic scanning and backup.
  • SiteLock Basic Monthly: from $10.00
  • SiteLock Basic Yearly: from $100.00

SiteLock Pro

SiteLock Pro Logo
Best suited for websites with a large amount of traffic.
  • SiteLock Pro Monthly: from $20.00
  • SiteLock Pro Yearly: from $200.00

SiteLock Business

SiteLock Business Logo
Best suited for business and e-commerce websites of all sizes.
  • SiteLock Business Monthly: from $30.00
  • SiteLock Business Yearly: from $300.00

Servertastic Vulnerability Scan

  • Vulnerability Scan Monthly: from $8.00
  • Vulnerability Scan Yearly: from $80.00
  • Vulnerability Scan Free Scan: from $0.00